Digital Facilities Maps are maps designed for use by drone applications that display polygons dividing the airspace surrounding the aerodrome to demonstrate the highest safest altitude in which a drone could fly. These polygons have mathematically been derived from historical flight data and applied collision risk modelling to determine an acceptably low level of risk of an encounter with manned traffic.

They are based on advanced quantitative approach to development of 'Automated Airspace Authorisation Maps' using ICAO based methodologies, adapted to the aerodrome and UAS environment. 

These maps are applicable for use for RPAS applications on a trial basis only, and are only available to participants in the CASA RPAS Digital Platform.


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Dataset Inclusions
Digital Facilities (GCD) Maps

Locations available:

  • Canberra
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Sydney

Format: GeoJSON

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