This dataset contains contains hourly summaries for airports including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Information included are the date & time (local), METCDM arrival rate, GDP rate when active, actual arrival rate, runway configuration, scheduled demand and a flag where scheduled demand exceeds the actual arrival rate.

The scheduled arrival demand is defined using the Metron Harmony system's base estimated landing time at 5am AEDT with helicopters removed from the flight count. Further information is described in the dataset summary below.

The data is provided as an individual tranche of data for an individual airport and a relevant date period selected by the customer. The dataset is intended for bulk data deliveries and not for individual flight records.

Note: This product is not delivered through the Data.Airservices portal or API, and is typically delivered via email or secure data transfer.


Dataset Inclusions
Airport Performance Data
For selected airport

Format: CSV

Available fields: 

  • Airport - Example YSSY
  • Date - Example 01/04/2019
  • Hour - Example 09
  • Day of week - Example Monday
  • METCDM rate (Rate for given hour determined by METCDM process) - Example 46
  • ATFM rate (Rate for given hour set in a ground delay program) - Example 46
  • Maestro rate (Actual rate in place during operations) - Example 44
  • Maestro runway (Actual runway mode in use during operations) - Example 16A/16D
  • Demand (Scheduled demand for given hour as of 5am AEDT on day of operations) - Example 27
  • Demand exceed capacity (1 if demand exceeds maestro rate, 0 otherwise) - Example 0

Rate and runway mode information is obtained from the Network Operations Report which is manually entered hourly data and may contain to data input errors. During hours where modes and rates have changed, the most significant value for this hour is shown.

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