This dataset provides key metadata on individual flights departing and landing at the relevant Australian airport. It does not contain helicopter movements or classified operations (eg. military, police). Data and fields contained in the file can be viewed below in Data Inclusions.

The data is provided as an individual tranche of data for an individual airport and a relevant date period selected by the customer. The dataset is intended for bulk data deliveries and not for individual flight records.

Note: This product is not delivered through the Data.Airservices portal or API, and is typically delivered via email or secure data transfer.


Dataset Inclusions
Flight Summary Data
For selected airport

Format: CSV

Available fields: 

  • ODAS ID (unique identifier) - Example 20221123-0510-QFA779-0
  • Callsign - Example QFA779
  • Selected Airport - Example YSSY
  • Aircraft Registration - Example VHQOD
  • ICAO aircraft type designator - Example B738
  • Aircraft class (Piston, Turboprop, Jet) - Example J
  • Flight Type (as defined by ICAO Doc 4444, S for scheduled air service, N for non-scheduled air transport operation, G for general aviation, X for all other operations) - Example S
  • ATOT (takeoff time in UTC, i.e when the aircraft first exceeds the typical Vr rotation speed for that aircraft type) - Example 1/01/2023 8:03
  • ALDT (landing time in UTC, i.e when the aircraft crosses the threshold of the arrival runway) - Example 1/01/2023 10:03
  • Runway (Runway of movement) - Example 34L
  • Other Airport (ICAO code of other airport) - Example YMML
  • Fix Point (Departure and Arrival Fix) - Example WOL
  • SID/STAR - Example WEN16P
  • Movement Time Local - Example 1/01/2023 10:03
  • Movement Type (ARR, DEP, Training) - Example ARR

When flights are diverted, data may contain anomalies. SIDs and STARs are automatically determined from flight trajectories and in rare cases may be subject to errors.

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